8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Using Social Media

Think your business doesn’t need to be using social media? Check out these 8 reasons you may want to reconsider!

1. Relationship Building / Communication

Social media allows you to start a conversation with your customers – something that traditional advertising does not offer. Having social media platforms where customers can feel like they are directly talking to the brand is very powerful.  

2. Get to Know Your Customers

As you probably have noticed even just scrolling through your social feeds on personal account – people are willing to share A LOT about themselves on social media. For businesses and marketers, this is great! You can get to know what makes your customers tick – what they “like”, “share” and dislike.

3. Customer Service

We live in a world where people are shifting away from picking up a phone and talking to someone. With this, the way customer service needs to be offered is also changing. Customers are more likely to reach out to a business on social media (via a tweet, direct message, Facebook post, or comment) than physically talking to someone about their question/concern/praise.  Also, social media offers a very fast response rate (if done right) that has been proven to create positive customer sentiment and increase the chance of a repeat customer.

4. Brand Loyalty

There have been many studies done that state having an active social media presence created more loyal customers. The biggest reason for this is because social media is a means of pulling your customers to you – instead of the typical ‘pushing your products to them’.  Social media offers customers content, entertainment, and education without truly requiring anything from them in return. This ‘giving’ aspect of social media is one of the major reasons brand loyalty can be earned through active accounts.

5. Reach Untapped Customers

Social media offers businesses a chance to be seen by individuals and groups that may have never heard of them before.  There are no real boundaries with organic reach. Someone across the globe may stumble across your post – and become a new supporter. With ad targeting, you are also able to tap into markets and reach specific customers and regions that couldn’t in the past.

6. Drive the RIGHT People to Your Website / Page

As mentioned above, targeting allows you to reach your ‘ideal customers’. Having active social channels gives you an opportunity to drive the customers and potential customers that are already a fan of your business directly to your website.  

7. SEO

Not the most exciting reason to get your business on social – but definitely an important one. Having social media accounts that are linked to your website and other online sources can increase your webpages ranking and create better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is an important step in making sure YOUR business comes up first when customers are looking for products/ services in your sector.

8. Authority

Last but not least, having social media accounts for your business makes your brand feel more legitimate and earns you authority in your space. Social media offers a platform to show off your skills and strengths, and lets customers see that you know what you are talking about. Also, if a customer searches for you brand on social and nothing comes up (or even worse – an unverified and unassociated page comes up for your business) it can make your brand seem unimportant and small.

Having social media accounts for your company can be VERY beneficial – but if you don’t have someone with time to actively run them and monitor them, they can become a nightmare. That’s where a social media manager can come in and take over your accounts so you can focus on your business and what matters to you.

Reach out to us if you need help getting your brand online! We can help you get setup, optimize existing channels or provide you with training on how to manage your accounts on your own.


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