Agency Life Strikes Back

The title for this post sounds more foreboding than it is, truly.

Just give me a paragraph or two to justify it.

It has officially been just under two full weeks as a LAV intern and I am slowly starting to get the pace and general idea of how a social media agency operates. For someone who is still starting out in the field, it might come across as overwhelming at the freedom that you truly have in your work. I have only ever experienced an agency-style work setting once before and it was technically part of a course assignment in a college setting, so, not nearly as “real” or fast-paced. My experience was also focused solely on one client, whereas I am now having to learn about several clients and their respective businesses/products.

I have come to realize that there will always be pieces of client work that could use that extra little bit of tweaking but it’s important to be able to put down the proverbial pen and remind yourself that confidence in your work allows you to focus better on the next, high priority piece.

So far what I have enjoyed most about social media agency work is seeing how directly my efforts impact a client’s success or failure. Even though I have been focusing primarily on writing for Remix, I have already created content for a couple of clients and have seen it implemented on their social accounts! That genuinely feels surreal. My work is on an account being seen by over 80,000 people? There’s some level of pressure, but overall a sense of accomplishment and pride in being able to say my work is worthwhile sharing for the benefit of a company’s online presence.

If I could give any future LAV intern a piece of advice heading into their second week, it would be this: familiarize yourself with the clients and their tone of voice as best you can, as fast as possible. This knowledge will help you traverse the content writing landscape for any piece of content you can think up and will save you an immense amount of time, and stress, when trying to come up with several pieces of content throughout your day.

I am still feeling as inspired as I did in my first week, which is actually a nice surprise! I don’t know about you but I am definitely someone that often requires a challenge and level of opportunity for consistent growth in order to stay motivated. I have held a bunch of odd jobs over the years and it is very rare that there is a learning curve that supports and inspires me beyond the first week or two. So far, LAV seems to offer that perfect balance between challenge and reward.

Till the next blog!

– Jackson Page


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