How To Humanize Your Brand On Social Media

The cat’s out of the bag.

Your customers know that you’re using social media to market to them.

In these transparent times, here’s how you can humanize your brand online and appear more genuine.

Show Vulnerability – Embrace Mistakes

The easiest way to humanize your brand online is to showcase your vulnerabilities.

Customers love it when you let them see the messy stuff. They want to know that there are real people behind the content that they consume and the products they buy.

A perfect example of this is when ASOS printed 17 000 bags with a spelling mistake. Rather than try to hide the error, they embraced it and called the lot “limited edition!”

This little tongue in cheek move endeared them to their audience online – proof that owning your mistakes is always a win!

Use Customer Influencers

Many of your customers are micro-influencers and don’t even know it.

Customers are more confident to buy into your products and services if they know others have.

Share customer photos, stories and content on your social media pages (with permission of course). This will show your followers and the world that you are a brand of the people!

Using customer generated content is one of the most powerful tools a social media marketer has to gain authenticity – so use it!

Interact Like A Human

If someone says something to you online, say something back!

@-replying is a great way to support your online community and increase engagement.

Customers want to talk to real people when they comment on your content. So nix auto-responders or generic replies and give your social media followers some genuine attention.   

Maintain A Singular Voice

Maintaining a strong voice on social media is the easiest way to sound like a real person.

But consistency is difficult if there are too many employees creating social media posts. In this case, make sure your staff have a clear idea of your brand identity.

A good way to keep social media content consistent is to have a gatekeeper. This is an individual who checks and tweaks all the staff posts that come through to make sure they are on brand.

Of course, hiring a social media manager is even more effective! 😉

Embrace Storytelling

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

– Seth Godin

Tell stories about your origins. Tell stories about your customers. Tell stories about your products.

Storytelling is a powerful social media tool. Stories humanize your brand by giving followers a glimpse into your process.

Embrace storytelling with thoughtful captions, engaging behind-the-scenes videos and features on your website.

The key to standing out from all the social media marketing noise is to showcase your authenticity.

Customers will tune out on social media if you’re too salesy. So follow these tips, try your best to be real and give lots of value – your followers will be more likely to listen!

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