Return of the Blue Light Glasses

As the title suggests, my blue light glasses have officially made their way back into my daily eyewear rotation. I managed to make it through the first semester of classes without needing them, or at least got by without feeling an absolute need to wear them. Now that I’ve made it out of the classroom, I’ve come to realize that I am doing my eyes a massive disservice by not protecting them from intently staring at my computer screen for 8+hrs a day. And no, I can’t blame LAV for ALL of those hours…I have just recently rediscovered my passion for Minecraft.

If you are working a similar schedule that requires long periods of time in front of a screen then you won’t regret investing in a cheap pair of blue light glasses. I have been making a more concerted effort to take mini breaks throughout the day to give my eyes a little rest when possible but the glasses have become an essential piece of PPE in this virtual work lifestyle (this is just my personal experience, the efficacy of blue light glasses is highly debated). Consider this my weekly intern advice: protect your vision and invest in whatever habits or tools that help keep your work lifestyle a healthy one!

Ok, PSA about health and safety aside, I have been having a great third week as an intern here at LAV. It is a shorter week thanks to the long Easter weekend but there is still much to do and I am continuously getting much more familiar and confident with writing content for Remix, conducting market research, and engaging with different communities for a plethora of clients. It has only been 11 days of work in this internship and it is already nearly halfway complete; I knew it would fly by! I can only imagine what it must feel like for my coworkers that have been with LAV for a few months or longer.

Though the time has been flying in my internship, the beautiful weather we have been having here is making my days feel just a tiny bit longer, which, I guess in reality, they actually are a bit longer! (yay for more sun and longer days!) But, yeah, summer is on its way and my mind/body is all too ready for it. We might not have live music back yet in Ontario but I still have my fingers crossed that we might be lucky enough to have some concerts, or dare I say, a FESTIVAL 😱 at some point before 2022 arrives. I look at New Zealand with a level of jealousy I did not know was humanly possible. What I would give to be able to go camping or attend a music festival with my friends.

Anyways, that’s enough dreaming for one blog post. I need to stop my rambling before I start looking into applying for a change in citizenship. I hope you have a great week and find some inspiration in the changing of the seasons.

Till the next blog!

– Jackson Page


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