Voss Babe Female Entrepreneur Series – Nana Nicole, Owner of MakeupbyNana

For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, social media can be an absolute game-changer! All it takes is one viral post and a business can suddenly take off.

At Like A Voss Social Media, we’re highlighting local businesses and entrepreneurs who are killing the online game. This week’s spotlight is on Nana Nicole, Owner of MakeupbyNana!

Our CEO Mandi interviewed Nana about her secret to success in business and in life. We also got some awesome insights into what they think makes social media such an effective tool in business.

A Little Bit About Being a Female Entrepreneur 

1: How long have you been in business?

I’ve been a makeup artist for over 10 years and started doing online tutorials and SFX makeup 5 years ago.

2: What made you decide to break away from the 9-5 and start MakeupbyNana?

I haven’t broken away just yet. I still have a 9-5 and a baby girl that I juggle along with creating content for Instagram and YouTube.

3: What do you love most about being a female entrepreneur?

It’s powerful! Women are taking over entrepreneurship and I’m here for it.

4: What is the hardest thing you have had to overcome as a female entrepreneur? Something you did not foresee when you decided to enter the beauty industry?

The hardest thing that I’ve faced is keeping up with makeup trends. I’m a classic girl and there’s a new trend every day that sometimes has gone viral for the wrong reasons. I don’t like to participate in something I don’t see a benefit in. And, one thing I did not foresee when deciding to enter the beauty industry was the lack of darker shades for WOC with major brands. There were a lot of brands I grew up wanting to be a part of and realized they did not support all women of color.

5: What is one thing about working in the beauty industry that people would be surprised to learn? 

People will be surprised to know that almost every makeup artist has their own style of how to apply makeup and that there is no wrong way if we have a flawless result in the end. Do what works for you, honey!

And Now Onto The Social Media Questions!

6: Do you have a favorite social media platform? Why?

I use Instagram more because of the ability to use different video sizes and ways to change your account to a business account that allows vendors to sell products. However, with each algorithm change, it becomes more challenging for your followers to see your content.

7: What made you decide to start using social media as a way to promote your company?  

I’ve always been on different social media platforms and tried multiple business ventures where social media helped. This time I applied my talent and I’ve been able to offer one on one classes, tutorials, and much more

8: How has social media impacted your business? Would you say that it’s an effective marketing tool?

Social media has evolved so much that we now can see where our viewers are coming from and all the analytics on the back end. These help me with my future posts. I find it very effective because most ppl have social media. Content creators have the ability to link share allowing viewers to see your work from any platform.

9: What advice would you give to other businesses and entrepreneurs who want to use social media as a way to connect with customers?

Consistency is key! I had to stop while rebranding just to get life in order because I realized that constant rebranding was just confusing my audience. But I came back harder than before!!!

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