What Are Micro-Influencers & Why They Might Be Better For Your Brand

If you’re a business owner on social media, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Influencer marketing is here to stay. However, are you considering micro-influencers?

If you work within a niche or own a business that runs out of a particular demographic area, then you might want to consider micro-influencers as part of your marketing strategy. Especially if your campaign KPI is engagement & awareness!

“Marketers have noticed that… the ratio of likes and comments to followers peaks when an account has around 1,000 followers. Get more than 100,000 followers, and engagement starts to flatten out; users just aren’t as keen to interact with a celebrity as with someone they can relate to more closely.” – Medium.com

Everyone wants to be heard, and engagement on social media becomes far less fun if it is a one-way street.

What Are Micro-Influencers?

There is no definitive definition for a micro-influencer in terms of follow count or content. However, the general consensus seems to be that they are individuals with a small but highly targeted and engaged following.

The key being engagement, micro-influencers often have a loyal and enthusiastic audience made up of family members, colleagues and other members of their community and first circle. They also hold a certain cachet within their niche and are a trusted go-to for advice and product recommendations.

Why Micro-Influencers Have A Higher ROI?

Simply put, they have integrity. It takes more than money to buy their support, and they are not afraid to turn down offers if the opportunity isn’t right.

This makes them valuable in 3 very important ways:

1. They’re More Relevant!

Influencer marketing is at its best when fans are relevant. Micro-influencers have often spent years building up a following in their niche and fans hang on their every word and suggestion. They are authorities within their community and you can rest assured that everything they share is important and well thought out.

2. They’re More Authentic!

Audiences are catching on to influencers and product posts that are not sincere. In fact, contrived influencer images are so common these days, that they are actually getting lost and marked as not relevant the same way we now ignore those sidebar ads on Facebook.

An image or post that is a little rough, but that a user just could not wait to share is often worth a lot more than a fancy, staged, glossy shot from an influencer with 1million+ followers. For this reason, you can always trust a micro-influencers to keep it real!

3. They’re More Cost Effective!

If a micro-influencer decides to work with your brand, it is because they know that they will be providing real value to their audience and to your company as a result of the partnership. Micro-influencers won’t take advantage of you or the market since they are not in it just for the money.

How Do I Find Micro-Influencers?

You can tell a micro-influencer by their engagement rates and quality of content. Micro-influencer accounts tend to have higher engagement rates than those with larger followings. When looking into engagement metrics, make sure that they are not members of comment pods and that they don’t use any sneaky tactics to inflate their stats.

You can also use services like TR|BE which is a company dedicated to micro influencers. They have highly vetted content creators that are ready and eager to share your brand message with their loyal fans!

Micro-influencer marketing should always be paired with a strong, consistent brand message and presence across social media channels. As a brand, you should be taking cues from the best influencers in your category. Focus on building authority, awareness and trust within your niche, and perhaps even become a micro-influencer in your own right!

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